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5th Itinerary Trip - 2004 May

Dear Friends,

I have just completed a month-long ministry in the Philippines and Malaysia. This is my first ministry trip to Malaysia. It is good to see God moving me to increasing level of ministry.

Pastor Albert Ong and his wife YM, Pastor Sean Prasad and his wife Kristyn and Brother Silas and his wife Judy were great hosts. It is indeed a pleasure to serve alongside them. Praise God.

Throughout the trip, I again saw the wonder of God's power to save, heal, deliver, comfort, encourage, inspire and strengthen individuals as I spoke prophetically by the Holy Spirit into their lives. I enjoyed Malaysia very much in part because I have had very good friends for company. Some of us have been friends for over 20 years.

I came back exhausted but fulfilled. I am also glad that God moved in me once again, from nothing to destiny!


Steven Teo


I ministered in two churches in Singapore on the week ending 2nd May 04.

The youth of Bethel AG were very hungry. It is always a good sign that young people are earnest for God. And God met them. Many were filled and refreshed with the Holy Spirit as I have had one session of "clinic" and a service with them. A young lady mentioned that she waited for 4 years to be finally baptized with the Holy Spirit. Praise God.

Ministered at Moriah AG church on Sunday morning before I headed to the Philippines. Many people were at the altar and I had a great time of fellowship with Pastor Simon and his dear wife. The couple is most hospitable. This pastor and his church are a real potential.

Sunday night was a great time of fellowship with Loy and Sally. Dinner was great.


I was here from the 3rd - 17th May 04.

Iloilo City

Pastor Philip is pioneering a new church and my trip was an impetus to his new church plant at the local hotel. I ministered at a seminar on Ownership, Wealth and Financial Independence. It was well attended and we had some interesting outcomes.

Ministry Time

I usually ministered at the altar and spoke prophetically into lives. I spoke to a lady who worked for the AIG Philippines. She is a sales person. She was at the altar crying her heart out as I laid hands and prayed for her. The Spirit prompted my heart to speak of God's favor and blessings; that she will have a "kingly ministry" and that provisions will fall into her hands. The following night, she invited me for lunch on Saturday. At the lunch table, she told me that "God asked me to invite you for lunch." I thought that's great. Now why doesn't He ask everyone to invite me for lunch all the time! Asia (her real name) explained that when I gave her the prophetic word that night, she had been on the job for 7 months without a single real sale. The very next day, she closed a P1 million with a commission of P270,000! She was excited as a child. Now the excited section manager of AIG wants a repeat seminar for the rest of her colleagues and asked that I return next year!

Karl is heading to the ministry. He is on to his second half, if you like. Karl came to the meetings faithfully (and then attended the day sessions at the School of Ministry as well). I am glad that Karl and I connected. We had some similarity in that we both left our jobs for the clergy world. I shared and prayed with Karl and showed him what God can do for each of us in fulfilling His destiny and purpose in us. There is now clarity in his focus and purpose. I believe Karl will soon pastor a church in his own rights. PTL.

John Ng, back from a break at Officer's Cadet School in Singapore was ministered to in a special way. He is now focused on dreams, plan, prepare and position. So was Joel Ng the elder of the two boys. Joel was so kind in giving me a farewell card - very well written and a small love offering. Thanks Joel!

Youth meeting at the River Queen was a wonderful time. We had at least 12 young people accepting the Lord as Savior and many more at the altar rededicating themselves to God.

School of Ministry

There were 24 students from across the Philippines - all heading towards graduation soon. In addition to a block session on Faith and Relationships, I was glad to conduct yet another Holy Spirit clinic centering on the manifestations of the Holy Spirit. I know these people are equipped now to minister with the "still small voice" of the Holy Spirit in them.

Others joined us for the sessions as well. The youth and a few visitors came by each day.


Pastor Philip, Florence and I made a trip to this mountainous area in the Negros. They have intention of building a prayer mountain here to intercede for the work in the country and elsewhere.

We were in Bacolod City to lend prayer and support to Pastor Joe's wife. Pastor Joe was in Melbourne attending to his family following his brother's tragic death.

Jail Ministry

We visited the Iloilo City Remand Center. This is my second time there. I am still moved at the very sight on young people languishing in jail.

I spoke to the thirty or so prisoners and 8 people accepted the Lord. We then prayed for many more for the touch of the Spirit of God. It is heart wrenching to see young people in jail awaiting a bleak future. Besides, the condition of the jail is not exactly ideal.

Santa Barbara

I spoke at the special service for pastors and leaders on a Saturday. Many were at the altar as we prayed for them. It was a time of refreshing and renewing of their faith. The young pastor in charge is a man of potential indeed.


I came into KLIA on 18th Monday night after a private session with a Director of Church operations in Singapore. I stayed till the 30th May 04.

Pastor Albert Ong (of the Royal Rangers fame) was at the airport to receive me. It was good to see him. We were old friends from as far back as 20 years. We had a great seafood meal at the riverside before I arrived at the home of Pastor Sean Prasad of Good Tiding Church.

Good Tidings Church

I have had a leadership session on Saturday with the leaders of Good Tidings at Shah Alam. I am convinced that this is a church of great potential.

I also ministered on Friday night, a combined cell group, Sunday morning and the Youth Service. The Youth meeting was particularly wonderful. It is always great to see young people at the altar crying their hearts out for God. I believe God is sealing their hearts and lives for His kingdom.

Pastor Sean and Kristyn were great hosts. I enjoyed my stay at their home, complete with those lovely meals and fellowship.

Full Gospel Businessmen Fellowship

I ministered to four chapters - from Subang Jaya, PJ to South Klang. It was a good time. I think I related very well with my fellow peers in business. I hope to do a Finance and Leadership seminar for this group of people.

Good Samaritan Home

This is pivotal to my visit in the Klang Valley. Pastor Albert and his wife, Y.M. run this home, solely on faith. They have 20 children of various races and backgrounds. I am truly impressed with the sophistication of this operation. Albert told me after my visit a Christian lady came by and agreed to donate RM2,000 a month to the Home. I like to believe that my visit and prayers (I prayed for and spoke to each person in the Home) have generated some blessings!! Well done, my brother! I know God has a lot more for you - both with the Home and the ministry. Watch this space!

Pastor Albert also arranged for me to minister to a group of Caregivers. I enjoyed the session very much.

Boaz Fields/Cornerstone

Spoke and ministered at this Drug Rehabilitation Center. A difficult ministry indeed, one not necessarily understood by the established churches. I was glad to be of blessing. I would minister again at Boaz for no thoughts of any return.

Vineyard Keeper

Again a Drug Rehabilitation Center - this one was excellent. The sprawling center looks like a school. The facility is incredible - all because a man had a vision. Pastor Jeremiah is impressive and I was glad to be able to pray for him and spoke into his life personally.

A boy was admitted for only two days and was in the withdrawal cell. The initial thought was for me to pray with him in the cell. However, he was later brought out for prayer. Although the staff wanted to inform me in advance, I was moving quickly in the Spirit. I prayed for him before anyone could speak with me about his case. Pastor Albert had a presence of mind to ask the others to "back-off" - let the Holy Spirit work. True to His form, the Holy Spirit led me to speak into the boy's heart that he needed Jesus in his heart - right now! No one told me but I was led to make known to the boy that he needed Jesus first. PTL.

I would also minister again in this place for no thoughts of any return. In fact I offer to conduct a Holy Spirit clinic for the staff so that they can continue to "till the ground" here. Their spirits need to be lifted by God. Hope must be continually generated for the many lost ones here.

Kampar Church

I spoke at the Emmanuel Church on a Sunday night. Ps Hilbert Ong was kind enough to allow me to minister. It is 2-3 hours drive north of KL but the trip was most enjoyable as I had two great friends with me - Pastor Albert and a lawyer called Silas.

I also ministered at Pastor Hilbert's Sunway Lagoon church for two weekend meetings in KL.

In all three meetings at the two localities, we had the awesome presence of the Holy Spirit in our midst. Many were at the altar and many more were touched by the atmospheric presence of God. The prophetic word was accurate and pointed in many cases. What a beautiful visitation!

Glad Tidings, Klang

I enjoyed the fellowship of Ps Gurmit Singh of GT Klang. I have had three sessions of leadership with the Youth leaders. There is real potential here for this group of young people.

I also ministered at the Youth service on Saturday evening and ended up praying for almost all of them. The church was kind to allow me to minister at their prayer meeting. I enjoyed the service and the altar ministry very much.

Ps Lau M.S. was very hospitable indeed. We have a few great sessions together sharing our similarity in life (he too is into his second half, if you like coming from his engineering background into the ministry) and the food, of course. I look forward to meeting this pastor again in the near future.


This lawyer friend of mine is one who loves the Lord. I stayed with him and his lovely family for a week. He even vacated his master bedroom for me. I was, of course feeling very bad but they would not listen!

I had an enjoyable time praying and speaking into each member of the family. I believe my brother will move into celebrating the gifting in his life. Again watch this space!

Well, my itinerary trip was a great one including a side trip to the hills for the Orang Asli!! I came back exhausted but fulfilled. Praise God for moving me from nothing to destiny!

Ministry in Singapore - Bethel AG

Altar ministry with the Youth.

Praying for the baptism of the Holy Spirit.

Bethel AG Youth Alive.

Altar ministry - sealing their hearts for the throne above.

Ministry in Singapore - Moriah AG

With Pastor Simon and wife Anna.

Praying for the needy.

Ministry in the Philippines - Iloilo City

Seminar in progress.

Speaking at the Iloilo City Rotary Club.

Altar ministry with the pastors.

Dedication prayer for all.

Mount Canlaon - Prayer Mountain?.

With Pastors at Bacolod Church.

Ministry in Malaysia - Kampar, Ipoh and Sunway

With Pastor Hilbert Ong of Emmanuel Church, Kampar.

Kampar Service in progress.

Altar ministry - God's presence was awesome.

Pastor Albert Ong helping to pray for others.

Inmates at the Vineyard Keeper, Ipoh.

With Pastors Jeremiah and Albert.

Praying for the kids at Good Samaritan Home, Klang.

Praying for the kids at Good Samaritan Home, Klang.

Altar ministry.

Pastor Y.M. assisting in the altar ministry.

Altar ministry at PCT Sunway - the anointing was atmospheric! Many came not once but twice as I ministered in two meetings.

Silas, Judy and his family

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